Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Sky

I had a bad day yesterday. Do I only post about bad days on here? Sorry. I do have good days! I should blog about them more often!

But on top of everything yesterday, I realized it was the first of October and suddenly was desperately missing October in Virginia. If you've never experienced October in Virginia, dare I say that you've never really lived! It's glorious. The trees are all shades of yellow and orange and red and the mountains look like they are suddenly ablaze with leaves. There is the faint smell of burning wood on the breeze and the sound of crunchy leaves under foot and excitement in the air as people gather to celebrate age old football rivalries and families spend the days apple picking or hunting for the perfect pumpkin. Oh, yes, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. Pumpkin IS fall. There are pumpkin lattes and pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread and pumpkin decorations and pumpkin pies. It's like pumpkin heaven!

So yes, on top of my bad day I was suddenly missing all of that. So I went for a run since experience shows that, if nothing else, the endorphins from a good run make me feel better about life. And as I came around the corner by the dam where you the path opens up to look out over the lake and the purple mountains all around, I noticed that the sky was a painted with thousands of tiny puffy clouds in every shade of pink and orange, just like the trees on the Blue Ridge in Virginia. That's when God said so clearly:

See, I made October for you.

That's my God. The kind of God who makes October out of the clouds just for me, who turns my worst of days into something to rejoice about, who makes me smile just because He can.

So happy October, everyone!

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