Saturday, April 6, 2013


I took this pic on outreach with my students a few weeks ago. The kids were captivated by the "reverse" photo button on the iPhone.

It reminded me of the reaction my students in Tanzania had when I tried to explain to them about telescopes and four-lane highways. See this post.

I love the sense of wonder at the world that kids have, kids everywhere. It is so beautiful to see it in action, when my nieces or nephew discover something new and for a few seconds they sit uncharacteristically still as if in awe of this new part of the world they never knew about. 

Somewhere along the way our sense of wonder becomes jaded and is replaced by indifference, cynicism, and apathy. It's no wonder that Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these (children)"

Wonder is beautiful. Spend a little time in wonder at this magnificent world we live in today, dear reader. Whether it's the iPhone or the Grand Canyon or a giant overpass, some things in this world are worth a few moments of awe. Wouldn't you agree?

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