Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today, I started studying for the GRE's and my brain exploded. 


OK, not literally. But it felt like it! It's been ages since I've had to think about math that requires letters like x,y, and z, and all of my advanced, educated vocabulary has gone out the door since I started teaching ESL and became adept at translating from normal English to simple English for my students. My vocabulary is shameful, pathetic, disconcerting, reprehensible, egregious…I'm practicing. Can you tell?

The writing part is not so much of a concern. Writing has always been easy and fun for me. I pretty much BS-ed my way through a lot of 300 level politics classes. But today's mediums of blogs and Facebook and Twitter seem to put a greater emphasis on the short and the shocking rather than well thought-out sentences with vocabulary of any sort of depth. I hardly think that prepares us for academic writing.

This means I need to study. Seriously study. Grad school is kind of a dream of mine. I'd like to get a master's in linguistics. And for the first time in my life it's something I seriously WANT to study. Back in college, getting a degree was less about knowledge I wanted to acquire than about figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. And now that I've kinda got some of that figured out, I KNOW what I WANT to know. And the only thing that stands between me and getting that knowledge is the GRE's…oh, and about $20,000 (but that's another story). 

So that means, it's time to get this brain in shape! Me and all these GRE study materials have a date at Mugg & Bean tomorrow. It's study time!

P.S. After writing this but before the time of posting, I did a little research and discovered that the university I am considering doesn't require the GRE's. Shew! Close call!

P.P.S. My neighbors seem to be having some type of competition. The ones to the left are blasting rap music and across the street they've got the Afrikaans music on full volume, and me and puppy here in between have got a headache. 

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