Saturday, November 10, 2012

Us against the world

Have you ever wished that time would just slow down? Not because you were afraid of the future or because you were too tired to keep up, but because the present was just so happy that you wished it would never end. Have you ever wished that your "now" could be forever?

I love this song. According to itunes, it is my most-played song with 153 plays. Yes, I am one of those weird kind of people who listens to the same song continuously on repeat for hours. It used to drive my sister crazy. But I LOVE this song. Not only because it is musically amazing - the 3 against 2 counterpoint with the orchestra and the electric guitar in the second half of the song is almost Bach-like.

But also I love it because of the words, "sloooooooow it down".

And it reminds me of one of those times, one of those times that the present was so perfectly happy that I didn't want the days to end. The past didn't matter, the future seemed a distant blurr, and the present was pure joy.

I can think of three times in my life like that. 

Now is not one of those times. But it will come again. That is the beauty of life's unthwarted progression - the hope.

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