Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Picture

Have you met Puppy yet? 

My housemate got a dog. 

No name has really stuck yet, so I just call her Puppy.

This is Puppy.

Puppy sleeps a lot, because even though she may not look like it, she's still a puppy.

At the rate she's growing, I'm pretty sure she's gonna grow up to be the Beast from "The Sandlot". Either that or a small pony.

When she's not sleeping, she's chewing. My yard is a mess of dismembered stuffed animals, bits of various plastic containers, and lots and lots of bones.

Her short little life almost came to an end after she ate my Havaianas. 

But we made up.

Then she caught and killed a bird in front of me. I was horrified and nearly threw up.

But we made up.

Today, when I went to get my laundry, she was asleep. Ten minutes later when I came home, she was eating the trashcan. No, not the trash, the trashCAN.

Our friendship is on rocky ground.

Pray for Puppy.

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