Saturday, October 27, 2012


I spent my afternoon yesterday reading letters. Not letters that I received. Not even letters that I had written. Other people's letters! Haha.

This website called Letters of Note is A.MA.ZING. I love reading other people's letters. I love seeing their paper and their handwriting. There's something so sacred about hand-written letters, something raw and personal that we've somehow lost in our culture of emails. Someday generations after us will read our old tweets and facebook posts and maybe even our blogs, I suppose, and look at them with nostalgia as I do letters.

I still write handwritten letters, and not just at Christmastime either. I still believe in sending handwritten thank you notes and the occasional notecard or letter to a dear friend or a loved one. It's something in the way I was brought up I guess. My second mom still writes me handwritten note cards every single week. My grandmother wrote me every week as well until she got too sick to continue. And whenever I leave home, I always find a card from my mom tucked somewhere in my carry-on luggage to read through tear-filled eyes on the plane back to Africa. There's something about handwritten letters that feels like more than just words but a little piece of the writer themselves.

Anyways, here are my favorites from yesterday. The first one is a letter from an emancipated slave to his former master. It is witty and enlightening. The second two are love letters as you might have guessed. Read them with a box of tissues.

Now they just need to make one of these blogs for book inscriptions...equally magical.


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