Saturday, August 18, 2012

Over the mountains and through the woods...

I've been on a lot of crazy adventures here in South Africa, but today was definitely one of the craziest...all in pursuit of...well, you'll see...

First we drove two hours, until we reached a point where the bridge was washed out. Then we wandered through the forest and found a place where we could cross the stream.

After that we got lost somewhere in the middle of a field.

This is when I started singing "Climb Every Mountain". Nobody seemed to appreciate it.

Hopped on the back of a tank. Yep, a tank.

I think only Gabriel was still smiling at this point.

Climbed over several little cascades. Also discovered my shoes are not waterproof. Not at all. 

Hiked up a rocky mountain.

Definitely Sound of Music-esque, right?

And finally, three hours later, we found it...

Snow! Yep, snow in Africa. Apparently, people do crazy things for snow here.

Even me. 

P.S. This picture is also my excuse for not blogging in forever. It's a good excuse though, don't you think? ;)

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