Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Picture

The staff of the English Language School - from the UK, Brazil, South Korea, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the USA - proof that there is such a thing as unity. 

I love working with these people. I love walking into the office everyday and seeing their faces. I love praying with them, crying with them, rejoicing with them, and serving the Lord beside them - it is really an honor.

Lots of people like to attribute the success of the English Language School and the way it has changed and improved over the past few years to me, but my secret is this...the team that surrounds me. If we have achieved anything good or lasting over the past few years, it's been because of these ones here...their ideas, their hard work, their dedication, and their passion for the people we serve.

I love you guys! (Plus Nanna, Onisoa, Bri, Zelda, Helaine, and the others who are missing from the picture but still very much a part of us).

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