Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tonight I happened upon this verse and my heart kind of got stuck on it:
"My soul follows close behind you." Psalm 63:8
Other versions say...
"My soul clings to you." 
"My soul follows hard after you." 
"My soul stays close to you." 
"My soul hath stuck close to thee."
I love that picture of my soul following God, clinging to Him, mirroring His every move, waiting with baited breath on His next step.

And the next part of the verse says...
"Your right hand upholds me..." 
"...supports me" 
"...holds me up"
Isn't that the beautiful thing about our relationship with God? He matches our desire to follow Him with the grace sufficient to do it.

It kind of reminds me of dancing.

Do you want to know a secret, dear reader? I'm a terrible dancer. It's true. I mean really, it's scary. And the worst part is that I am constantly surrounded by people who know how to dance. People who REALLY know how to dance. I think Africans and Brazilians must come out of the womb dancing! It's like it's in their bones. Seriously. I've seen little toddlers who dance better than me!

Anyways, you wouldn't guess it by the sad state of my dancing skills, but I have in fact had a few dancing lessons.

So I know that the first thing a woman learns in dancing, is how to follow their partner...how to feel when they are about to move forward or backward, how to read them before their next step, how to recognize a little pressure on the hand and follow.

And the first thing the guy learns is how to hold the woman, how to support her with his right hand on her back and her hand in his so that he can guide her around the dance floor.

That is the picture I see when I read this verse. I see myself dancing with my Savior, following the gentle nudgings of His Spirit, watching for the slightest change of direction, anticipating the next step while all the while, He supports me and leads me with His right hand.

He will lead, dear reader ... we have only to learn to follow, to follow close behind.


Grace said...

i love this :)!

Everson said...

Emilyyyyyyyyyyyy when I started reading I found it funny when I finished reading I found very beautiful and cute! wooo Emily you are so special really special you are so different like unique!!!

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