Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Picture

Once upon a time, I lived in Tanzania...

Last night, one of my precious students sent me a message saying "when will you come?"

And suddenly, I missed that place all over again.

I missed this dear bunch of students.

I missed our little classroom and the noise of the brick-making outside our window.

I missed the Maasai people..

...and their little bomas.

I missed seeing giraffes and zebras beside the road.

I missed Zanzibar...

...and water so blue it makes your heart ache.

I missed eating Korean food every day...sometimes by candle light.

I missed the Matatus and the crazy Matatu drivers....wait, I'm not sure if I miss that actually.

But mostly I missed all these precious friends who still have such a big piece of my heart.

I <3 Tanzania.

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