Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

Winter has arrived here in South Africa and I have a decision to make: gas heater or oil heater? I really wanted to get a gas heater, but people told me that it's bad to use in your bedroom because it's not healthy to breath in the gas. But the oil heater uses so much electricity and doesn't heat the space as well. Oh, decisions, decisions...

Every single day Baba, our hired fix-it man on the base, tells me how beautiful I look or how great my outfit is or how much I need a vacation. Some people might think it insignificant or maybe even creepy because he's a funny kind of a man, but sometimes when I'm feeling down, it makes my day.

I was thinking recently about buying a car. But it is so complicated...what kind do I buy? What if it breaks down? How much should I pay? How do I not get scammed? And plus, I am all too easily swayed by the cuteness factor. Women just weren't meant to buy cars.

There is a very skinny man who pushes a very fat woman in a wheelchair up the hill from town all the way to the mall every week. That must be love.

Speaking about love...there's something in the water at ELS. All my students are falling in love. Seriously. We have worked for three years to develop an atmosphere of unity and encouragement and family and love. Is it possible that we went too far?! Please, someone, tell me how to turn down the love!

Finally, a note to my neighbors who blast the music insanely loud pretending to have a wild party until 3 am every weekend: You can turn down the music! We all know there's nobody there!


Anonymous said...

Miss E,I couldn't help but to laugh out loud when you mention Babas. Imagine how I feel I drive with him to work everyday and I doesn't stop talking. Did I mention I'm not a morning person :)

As for turning down the love kkkk don't just adjust it to low our meduim and how do you do that
?By continuing to set an atmospher of family and unity so that they can feel free to come and talk.The more you fight love the stronger the fire becomes.You doing a great job very proud of you.

Emily said...

Haha. Thanks for the encouragement!

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