Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Today I'm gonna share with you my new favorite summer drink.

It's amazing. And I created it all by myself. OK, I take that back. I had a little help from Pinterest, but I altered the recipe so that it's mostly mine.

I should really give it a name...hmmm...Iced Lemon Deliciousness? Yeah I think that's good. Iced Lemon Deliciousness is my zero-calorie cool drink and secret for surviving hot summer days.

Now, I have to tell you I hate soda and soft-drinks. They make me gag. But for some reason in the sweltering heat of this South African summer, all I can think about is how much I really want an ice cold Coke. It's terrible! I can't understand it. I've tried to fight it. I bought peach iced tea. No good. I tried ice-cold juice. It didn't work. Even a cold red bull doesn't satisfy! All my body craves is a soft drink.

So I created Iced Lemon Deliciousness which is equally satisfying but without all the sugar and the gag-factor of Coke and usual soft drinks.

An added bonus is that cutting the lemons makes your house smell all citrusy and clean and covers up the smell of the maggots which may be rapidly multiplying in your trashcan (not that I have any experience with that or anything).

So here's the recipe. For the 2% of my readers who also live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can try it yourself and see how really refreshing it is in this heat. The rest of you will just have to take my word for it, and bookmark it for six months from now. Enjoy!

Iced Lemon Deliciousness

ice cubes
half a lemon*
soda water**
zero-calorie sweetener

Fill a glass with ice cubes and half of a lemon, sliced into 3 or 4 thin slices. Pour the soda water over the ice and lemon and stir in a little sweetener. Sit back and enjoy!

*Please note: our lemons here are green. Yes, they look like limes, but trust me, they're lemons.
**Translation: sparkling water, water with gas, or water with bubbles depending on where in the world you are. I honestly can't remember what we call it in America.

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