Monday, February 6, 2012

The randomness of an overheated mind

It was 110F here today. No AC. I am sweating in places I didn't know you could sweat. When I got up off my plastic chair at intercession tonight I'm pretty sure I left a little puddle behind. Gross! You know those weird people at the gym that sweat way too much and leave the machines soaking wet? Yep, that's like me everywhere I go now. I should just start carrying a towel.

Today in the middle of a heart-to-heart discussion with a student, he asked how old I was. After I told him, he said in surprise, "Really? I thought you were like 35!" Only you, dear reader, can appreciate the amount of self-control it took not to reach out and strangle him. Small victories.

A lightbulb went out in my house. So I decided to be smart and save the planet and all that and get the energy-saving kind even though they cost an arm and a leg. Well, somehow while I was trying to screw it in, I broke it...I know, I know, please spare me the how-many-blondes-does-it-take-to-screw-in-a-lightbulb jokes. Please. In my defense, the lightbulbs are weird here. Really. It's true. See?

So much for trying to be environmentally conscious. I'm going back to the cheapo kind.

I want a dog. I want one bad. I went to the SPCA again today to get my fill of puppy-love. I met this little cuteness.

How can you walk away from that face?!

Every time I explain how I want a puppy to keep me company, people tell me I ought to get a boyfriend. OK, people, if boyfriends were available to pick and choose like puppies at the SPCA, I'd totally be there. SPCB? Hmmm. Someone please tell me where that is! But in the meantime, puppies are all I've got. (OK, I just heard that sentence in my head, and it sounded pathetic.)


What is the summertime equivalent of a hot water bottle? If anybody thinks of it, please let me know. I'm desperate.

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