Friday, February 24, 2012

On pins and needles

Yesterday, after another long morning in the hospital (I won't bore you again with all my hospital experiences), I spent the afternoon in the office getting some much needed work done. One of the things I've had to get used to about living in community is that it's rare to have a solid amount of time, free of interruptions, in which to actually accomplish something. I used to loathe the continuous interruptions since accomplishing tasks is really important to me, but now I enjoy them, welcome them in fact! They are such special opportunities to build relationships - I love it in the afternoons when students stop in to chat, to get some advice about this or that, to ask a question, to share a cup of coffee, ask some homework help or stick some needles in my ears...wait, what?!?!

Yep, that's right. Yesterday was a first, when one of my students stopped by very concerned about my health. Apparently, she is able to read a person's health through their ears and my ears are telling her that I'm in bad shape (although honestly I've been feeling fine!). Well, before I knew it, she had pulled out some needles and was sticking them in my ears! I should have protested, but this was one of those dear people I've worked a long time to build relationship with and here she was trying to express her deep care for me and my health. Saying "no" would have crushed all of that. "No pain, no gain," right?

So, yes, I now have three pins in my ear. Thumbtacks would be a better description actually since apparently they're supposed to stay there for a few days and gradually improve my health. Let me tell you, it's pretty difficult to sleep with needles in your ears! I did draw the line though when she offered to take some blood from my neck. No, thank you!

If we could communicate a little better, I would have explained how I don't do well with needles. NOT. AT. ALL. I'm a baby when it comes to getting shots. And you can forget about taking blood. I nearly pass out just watching somebody else do it! So you can probably imagine how the continuous thought that there are three needles in my ears has got me positively weak in the knees.

I have needles in my ears!!!!

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