Monday, January 30, 2012

Final update

Hello friends, well I'm back in South Africa. It feels SOOOOO good to be home...well except for the suffocating heat. Nothing says welcome home like 115+ temperatures!

My first purchase when I came back was this fan which I assembled all by myself except for one piece which I can't seem to figure out where it goes...oh well, it works.

I want to update you on the challenge to send me back to africa. Thanks to many of you, dear readers, I raised all of the amount I needed, even with our minor setback - almost to the dollar! It was really amazing to see God come through like that. Thank you. Thank you for giving and praying and encouraging and supporting me. I mean it when I say I can't do all this without you.

If you still want to give and didn't get a chance to, it's not too late! Just click on the link above for info on how to do it.

Now I'm going to the store to by a cool drink before I melt away. More posts soon, I promise!

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