Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Free wireless everywhere - Such fun! Still, I can't stop myself from subconsciously counting the megabytes I'm using every time I log on or cringing when someone emails me a giant photo attachment, thinking of how much it's costing me to look at this picture of a cat making a joke. But in America I can even indulge in some facebook stalking while I'm out to dinner or update my status from the grocery store. "Do you want to download the latest updates to your software?" "Hmmmm, 250MB? Yes, please!"

Water fountains - I had a true moment of reverse culture-shock when I discovered the water fountains in Dulles airport. You mean I don't have to choose between paying for a ridiculously overpriced water bottle or just chewing gum to quench my thirst? Wow. This is amazing. Did I really grow up with these things?

Free refills - No more rationing out your drink to last you through your meals. Remember when Christian's pizza used to charge 25 cents for refills and we were outraged? How about paying full price for refills all the time - that would be Africa. Yep, there's no way that open drink machines in McDonalds would work in Africa. Just not happening.

Tim Tebow - I had no idea he was such a big deal in the states. For all you non-Americans, Tim Tebow is a professional American-football player and also an outspoken Christian. America is crazy about him right now. Like the idolized boxing greats of the Great Depression, Tim Tebow is the against-all-odds hero of the recession. I must confess, I've kind of bought into all the fever, and I even got his autobiography to read on the flight home. Tall, handsome, Christian athlete? I couldn't resist.

Ezekiel bread and almond butter - I seriously love this stuff! Peanut butter and seed bread in South Africa is a poor substitute. It doesn't even compare. I think if I lived in the USA I'd probably become a vegetarian. Wait...can I be a vegetarian who eats sushi? Correction: a vegetarian who occasionally gorges herself at sushi buffets?

Chipotle online ordering - The line at Chipotle is ridiculously long. I mean around-the-store-and-out-the-door long...and the students aren't even back in town! Solution? Order via the Chipotle online ordering app, pay with your dad's credit card (shhhh, that's our secret) and pick up your food at the counter while all the people standing in line watch in awe. Can I be a vegetarian who occasionally gorges herself at sushi buffets AND eats Chipotle chicken burrito bowls?

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