Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hope for today...

"The love of God a perfect plan
Is planning now for thee,
It holds "a future and a hope,"
Which yet thou canst not see. 
Though for a season, in the dark,
He asks thy perfect trust,
E'en that thou in surrender "lay
Thy treasure in the dust," 
Yet He is planning all the while,
Unerringly He guides
The life of him, who holds His will
More dear than all besides. 
Trust were not trust if thou couldst see
The ending of the way,
Nor couldst thou learn His songs by night,
Were life one radiant day. 
Amid the shadows here He works
The plan designed above,
"A future and a hope" for thee
In His exceeding love. 
"A future" - abiding fruit,
With loving kindness crowned;
"A hope" - which shall thine own transcend,
As Heaven the earth around. 
Though veiled as yet, one day thine eyes
Shall see His plan unfold,
And clouds that darkened once the path
Shall shine with Heaven's gold. 
Enriched to all eternity
The steadfast soul shall stand,
That, "unoffended," trusted Him
Who all life's pathway planned. 
I have an heritage of bliss
Which yet I may not see;
The Hand that bled to make it mine,
Is keeping it for me."
~Freda Hanbury Allen

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