Monday, October 10, 2011

Late night entertainment

It's 10:30pm.

Probably, like me, you're thinking, "Late night?" "Really?" I know. It's not really late, but my roomie is sleeping. And it turns out she doesn't like to sleep with all the lights on...or watch "Friends" reruns until she falls asleep...or wake up to the radio at 6:00 in the morning either. Just a few of the adjustments one has to make when you get a roommate, I guess.

So it's 10:30. I prepared my lessons by the light of my laptop and when that was done I somehow started wondering about how fast I type, so I found online typing tests with which to entertain myself for the past half-hour. It turns out I type 90 words per minute, which is pretty fast, according to wikipedia. Thank you, Mavis Beacon, for all those hours of mindless typing games as a child. Turns out, it did in fact count for something.

When I was done with my typing test, the program asked if I wanted to post the results to my facebook or Google+ accounts. Am I the only person who doesn't get Google+? I mean, I really really just don't get it. All the circles and +1's and +2's and +4000's thoroughly confuse me. There's just so much pressure to organize my people into friends and family and work friends and school friends and family friends and acquaintances and so on. But what do you do if someone is both an acquaintance AND a work friend but not close enough to be a friend friend. Or how about if your family also went to the same school, so they are both your family friend and your school friend. And then what happens when your family temporarily moves in with you and goes to work with you. My life is confusing enough without having to figure all THAT out!

It's 10:53. It's really hot out. My roomie and I have wildly different body temperatures. I'm in a t-shirt and shorts and I'm sweating and she's cuddled up under a huge blanket! And she's kind of snoring. Shhhh! Don't tell her I said that!

OK, it's almost 11:00. I'm running out of ways to entertain myself, so I'm going to bed now. Goodnight, world!


me said...

what happened to your online relationship with McDreamy.......

Emily said...

McDreamy and I had to take a step back. things were just moving too fast :p

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