Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn daydreams

Today, I'm dreaming of autumn.

One of the bonuses of having my sister around is that in those moments when something here reminds you of something back home, you can lean over and whisper, "Doesn't this just remind you of...?" and she just knows. Sometimes that's necessary.

This time of year, I always, always, always miss autumn and all of this. My sister gets that, and is perhaps the only person in South Africa who identifies with my all-consuming cravings for something pumpkin-y or gets crazy excited with me about finding a turkey in the grocery store or deems it imperative that we burn cinnamon-scented candles since it's October.

And only she could understand why I was so happy to get this little bit of autumn in the mail...

I'm pretty sure that sending plant material across the ocean breaks all kinds of international laws, but it was totally worth it for a few minutes of autumn bliss.

Happy Fall to all you people in the northern hemisphere!

Now back to my daydreaming...

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