Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The first signs of spring in South Africa are these little orange flowers. They are everywhere. There is an odd-shaped piece of unusable land between my house and the base, that is usually a sort of trash-dump for everyone walking by on the street. But last week it was full of these flowers, absolutely full of them, like little orange happiness springing out of all the ugliness. The flowers don't seem to mind the trash. They can grow anywhere - even on rocky ground, like this one.

I'm pretty sure they're probably this country's equivalent to Dandelions, and so South Africans probably hate them. But I think they are beautiful. Everyday, they open and close and move with the sun in its daily trek across the sky. Sunflowers, I call them.

Oh to be so sensitive to the Son of God, ever moving at the slightest whisper of His voice!

Let's be like little Sonflowers this week, dear reader, and bring beauty to the hard and difficult places where we are planted.

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