Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I'm not turning 26...

seat number 26So I have this thing about turning 26. It's pretty simple actually - I'm not.

Before we continue, I must warn you that the following may be offensive to people 26 or older. Don't worry, it's not you, it's me.

Now let me explain. The reasons are fourfold really....

First of all, can anyone tell me one thing that is designated for "26 and under"? There is nothing! Nothing, I tell you! 25 is the end of being grouped with the "unders" now I'm one of the "overs". I can no longer buy the youth ticket to anything. So now not only am I not young, but I'm also kind of screwed because apparently being part of the "over" crowd implies being successful enough to pay full-fare, which I woefully am not.

Secondly, at 26 you go from being young and single to being dangerously close to old and spinsterly. I mean, everyday I'm becoming more like my grandmother, which includes drinking green tea and eating almonds everyday, and being cold ALL the time. Right now the temperature says it's 70F out, but I'm wearing three shirts and a pair of fleece socks and I'm still cold! Another sign of aging? My body has lost the ability to sleep-in on a Saturday morning and seems to think anytime past 7:30am is a completely unreasonable hour to be in bed. It's like I'm 25 going on 80!

Thirdly after 25, I can no longer play the "youth and inexperience" card. I feel like I'm pretty much expected to have things figured out. No more shopping in the Junior's section, this is the real deal! At 25, mistakes are still generally brushed aside and chalked up to youthful zealousness or inexperience, but at 26 it's like, "Get with the program, already!" But at the same time, nobody really takes you seriously because let's face it, you're 26 and you don't have half the experience or credibility that comes with say, 30.

Finally, there's absolutely no perks to being 26. 16 has driving, 21 has drinking, 25 has rental cars, and after that there's pretty much nothing until 55 when you get the senior discount. That's just sad.

So for all these reasons and so much more, I'm not turning 26 this year. I am choosing instead to let this birthday (and possibly the next few) pass quietly by without public acknowledgement or fanfare until I reach the next milestone, 30 - ugh.


franceSujong said...

Hey Emily!
HA HA HA! I love your posts!
i want encourage you, though
with another year, comes experience you did not have before. you are a wonderful leader at only 26. Who can say what you can say, at only 26? The Lord has definitely taken you places and taught you things very few others have experienced at 26. Therefore, i feel obliged to put a scripture here for you to read. Psalm 26 - for the 26th year. you are standing on solid ground my friend and you do publically praise the Lord. You are innocent and you have acted with integrity.
You have lived according to His truth and you are beautiful!

i want to say appreciate the day you turn 26, try to shift your mind a bit and see: age is just another number and may you know that you are highly favoured by the Lord! blessings xxx

Emily said...

thanks so much for the encouragement! and the psalm. i'll read that. blessings to you and your growing family! :)

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