Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Picture

Cold, rainy day. I guess winter isn't going away just yet.

And on top of that, sick me has decided to come visit. Yep, snotty icky sick me. My house is overrun with tissues and empty cups of tea.

But it's OK because I'm all cozy inside eating this Chickpea and Quinoa Curry, my latest quinoa adventure, and watching Grey's Anatomy, my latest television addiction, thanks to Sarah, who lent me the first few seasons. Now I'm hooked. Help!

Rainy day + pajamas + yummy-in-my-tummy curry + unlimited McDreamy-ness = bliss :)

*Oh and this picture has absolutely nothing to do with today, except that it was one of my favorite rainy days ever - in Verona, Italy. Red umbrellas make any rainy day better.

1 comment:

Sarah Louise said...

Haha, nothing beats a day in the company of McDreamy :D

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