Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Things my hometown is famous for:

1. An brick road (aka the Downtown Mall)

2. Preppy snobs (aka the University of Virginia)

3. A decades-long argument (aka. the Meadowcreek Parkway)

4. Oh and now... a 5.9 magnitude earthquake

See that red dot? Yeah, that's pretty much my hometown. Welcome to Charlottesville...

Don't worry, everybody seems to be ok, judging by all the quake-related sarcasm on facebook.

This was my Dad's sms, following my genuinely-concerned attempt to contact him:

We're okay. Rescue workers say they should get through all the rubble and reach us in about 24 hours.

Thanks, Dad.

And, all sarcasm aside, I LOVE my hometown and everything about it. Rated the number one city to live in in America, Charlottesville is home not only to the best public university in the states but also to rock stars, movie stars, and presidents - glad it's still in one piece :)

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