Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday days

I just met a new student for the next term, the first sign that the holiday is almost over. I feel really rested and ready to take on a new term, but I'm gonna really miss my holiday days. Slow mornings. Long afternoons at Mugg & Bean. Late nights playing Settlers. And endless episodes of the office. Yes, it was good.

But a week is long enough. Without work to fill my days, I start to think about home and start to get restless. Not good. But some well-timed emails from the home-front this week cheered me up. Thanks, people! (You know who you are).

During my free time this week, I decided to experiment with cooking. First I made a chocolate cake which was tragic because my oven does not get hot enough to really bake things well so it kind of turned out more like chocolate mush. After that, I decided to make something healthy. I've been wanting to try out quinoa, since it's all the rage right now. So I made this Eggplant and Portobello Quinoa. 

It was my first foray into cooking with quinoa and I really liked it. This recipe had a little too much balsamic vinegar in it for my taste, but it was light and filling and I'm definitely gonna keep cooking with quinoa. If you're thinking about trying out quinoa, go for it! And if anybody knows how to actually pronounce "quinoa" please email me.

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