Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trampoline Dreams

One of my favorite memories as a kid is of autumn afternoons after school spent at my best friends’ house outside on their trampoline. We had lots of adventures there, some more dangerous than others. But after all our crazy games were over we would lie down with our heads in the middle of the trampoline and look up at the sky and dream. Not big life-changing dreams, just little dreams, the kind that float in and out of your head in a moment, hardly long enough for you to hold onto but deep enough to leave a little imprint on your heart.

Last week my brother came to visit and we were sitting together one night thinking about our childhood and marveling at this strange life we live. Who would have ever guessed back then that our futures would bring us together on holiday in a hotel room in Africa? And that’s when I started to remember my dreams. Little dreams. Dreams that time and circumstance made trivial or unattainable. Dreams I’d forgotten.

Today, I was reading the story of Joseph and his childhood dreams. Joseph’s name has come to be synonymous with dreams. And I think sometimes we read those few chapters so quickly that we forget the great time and space between his dreams and their reality. But I wonder sometimes, did Joseph ever forget about his dream? I think he probably forgot. I mean maybe he thought about it at first, like “Dang it! Why did I open my big mouth and tell my brothers about that dream?” But then after time passed and he got used to his new life in Egypt, I bet he forgot. I bet he forgot all about the dreams, all about the promises. In fact he probably started to think they were just a big misunderstanding. He probably chalked it up to the zealousness of his youth. But God didn’t forget. God NEVER forgets. And one day after slavery and imprisonment and after reaching the absolute farthest possible place from his dreams, God began to bring them to fulfillment. And then there is this verse,

“Then Joseph remembered the dreams which he had dreamed.” – Genesis 42:9

Then, he remembered. Then, after years and years in which his dreams had lain dormant, after he had long forgotten them, when he at last stood in front of their fulfillment, THEN, he remembered.

Dear reader, I don’t know what dreams you have forgotten or maybe you’ve shrugged off as insignificant or just sheer impossibilities. Maybe they were just little dreams, trampoline dreams even. But I just want to say that if they mattered to you, they matter to God, and no matter how very far you are from their fulfillment, He hasn’t forgotten. He NEVER forgets.

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