Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some things you should know...

I’ve been Red Bull-free for a whole week now. I think congratulations are in order.

I’ve started running ads on my blog in hopes that I might earn a few extra bucks. This week, I made a whole 11 cents. At this rate, I figure I’ll have a free latte by Christmas.

Speaking of lattes, I went to get one at the hotel that serves Starbucks coffee (see this post) and discovered that Starbucks pulled out of Cape Town a few months ago. I’m seriously depressed, but I’m trying to console myself with instant Starbucks VIA packets. They are a poor substitute for the real thing.

I recently discovered that I’ve been eating three-week-expired yogurt. That can’t be good for my stomach.

Vanilla scented candles make me happy and maybe make my house a little warmer?

I play Settlers almost every other night these days. Does that make me a loser? Hey, there’s not much else to do at night in Worcester during the holidays!

The first scene of The Office, Season 7, Episode 1, is pretty great. Watch it.

I desperately miss being called “Ima” by this cuteness.

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