Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sick me

Have you met sick me yet? Let me introduce you.

Sick me is very unpleasant to be around. Sick me is whiny and impatient. Sick me is a giant baby who sits around wishing her Mama was nearby to bring her soup and take her temperature. Sick me is unsightly, snotty and some would even say downright ugly. Sick me hates to wear make-up and lives in her pajamas. Sick me carries wads of tissues around in her pockets and then leaves them all over the room. Sick me sneezes so loudly the neighbors can hear it. Yep, sick me is pretty much a loud, ugly, mucousy mess and is best avoided altogether.

Like clockwork, sick me always seems to appear as soon as graduation is over. It’s truly amazing. I mean they should do studies on this or something! I can’t remember the last holiday I spent without sick me around.

Thankfully, sick me now has her own flat and can therefore avoid most public appearances or interactions of any sort. Sick me can now enjoy long steamy showers without knocks on the door and can sneeze and snort without worrying about waking her dorm mates. Sick me can litter tissues all over the place and can warm a bowl of soup or make a cup of tea without ever leaving her pajamas.

The good news is that sick me is on the way out. And normal me, presentable me, a generally more congenial me is returning. Unfortunately, sick me seems to have left behind a nasty cough, a red nose, and a very messy flat.

Goodbye and good riddance, sick me! And if you should decide not to return next holiday, we would all be very thankful.

1 comment:

me said...

it's official. I miss you. But don't tell anyone. Even a sick you is better than No you. See.

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