Monday, June 6, 2011

The intellectual dad

Father's Day is coming up...American father's day that is. Thanks to my sister, who had the big idea to get my mom a designer handbag for Mother's Day, I have to actually shop for something for Dad this year. Next to Mom's Dooney Bourke, the usual handwritten card in the mail or Starbucks gift card kind of says, "I love you, Dad, just not as much as mom."

So is helping me with my Father's Day shopping. According to them, the top gifts for my "intellectual dad" are as follows:

Who do they think my dad is? Frasier?!

And well, as much my strictly coffee-drinking dad would appreciate sipping overpriced international teas every month, it's a little out of my budget. So I narrowed down my search by price and they suggested the following:

A Ticket Stub Diary 

Do people still buy actual tickets?

Baseball Strawberries

While I agree fruit disguised as sports equipment may be a good strategy to inspire nutritional eating, I don't think this quite says "Happy Father's Day"

A Pocket Knife

Hmmm this could come in handy in his travels or the next time he's stranded on a desert island. I think we are getting closer...

A photo collage men's tie

No need to pull out his wallet anymore - our faces will be right there pasted to his chest. I would totally go for this, if our family was slightly more attractive. As it is, our faces are not quite formal-wear worthy.

Camo six-pack beer holster belt

Now this is clearly the gift for my tea-totalling pastor of a dad. Yes, beer right at hand, disguised in camo too! This will be perfect for his many hunting trips into the wilds of suburban Charlottesville.


And so the search continues. This could be a long process...

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