Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Before I came to South Africa, hot water bottles were something I had only seen on 1950s television shows – you know the picture of the sick person in bed with a hot water bottle on their head? Well, it turns out hot water bottles are still around. And they’re actually pretty amazing. (Hot water bottle is really difficult to say, so I’m gonna call them hubbies from here on out.)

Winter in South Africa is mild in terms of the Northern Hemisphere. At the coldest, it’s probably in the upper 30’s or 40’s. But the difference is that most of the Northern Hemisphere has two important things called insulation and central heating. These are unheard of here in South Africa. And while in America we can enjoy the 70 degree temps in our house year round, when I say it’s 30s or 40s here that means 30s or 40s inside and outside. Winter means wearing coats ALL THE TIME, and lots and lots of layers.

While we do have heaters, South Africans have a strange philosophy that if it’s warm in your house and cold outside, you’ll get sick. I have another philosophy that if I never get warm I’ll always be sick! So I use an oil heater inside to help keep my room at a bearable temperature at night. That is I used to use an oil heater until I realized how much electricity it uses! After one night of running my heater all night long and running up my electricity bill, I quickly ran out and bought a hubby. And now I’m in love. It’s like having another warm body in the bed to cuddle with, but it doesn’t snore and takes up a lot less space.

So that’s a lot of info. Anyways, all I wanted to say is that hubbies do exist and they are glorious.

OK. It’s cold. I'm going to bed. My hubby is calling…

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