Monday, May 30, 2011


Dear guy at the pool in the red thong,

I salute you. You’ve got guts. Not many people with a stomach like yours have the courage to parade around the swimming pool in a g-string. With each bold step, your folds of hairy skin jiggle unashamedly in the cold air. You will not be hidden under Hawaiian printed swimwear or confined by spandex speedos. No, nothing will keep you from enjoying that warm water on your skin. And you will not settle for nominal colors like black or blue. No, you are a man of passion and vigor. A red g-string is the only way for you. 

Yes, I salute you, fat man in the thong. You are not limited by shape or by age. You will not let wrinkles stand in your way. Who says sagging skin is not sexy? Who says pot-bellies are put-offs? With your brazen show of skin you are raising a defiant fist to the world and the confines of normal social behavior. Shame? You don’t know the meaning of the word. Fear? It’s not even in your vocabulary. Yes, I salute you. You've certainly got more ways than one.


An awe-struck and somewhat-traumatized fellow swimmer

1 comment:

me said...

if i didn't have a vivid image of the swimmer, i certainly have one now......!!!! Hahahaha.......or eeeewwww......?!

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