Saturday, April 2, 2011


I now officially have containers of my belongings all...over...the world. There is a reason Jesus said to go and sell all you have and then follow Him. I did that once when I first started out on this journey, but it didn’t work because you see I didn’t follow His other instructions where He later tells the disciples not to take any bag for the journey or extra shirt or shoes. I seem to have amassed bags and containers to keep all the extra shirts and shoes I’ve collected along the way!

With my stuff spread out on three different continents, I was starting to feel a little bit scattered (For example: Where’s those shoes that match this dress? Darn, I think I left them in South Africa. OR I have this great book you should borrow! Oh wait I forgot it’s in Germany)…until I could finally unpack in my new place here in SA which, by the way, is just perfect. I love it! I feel so blessed. But after being with two little toddlers for the past five weeks, it suddenly feels very quiet. It’s an odd feeling. Actually being back here in general feels odd. Very odd. I remember faces and the feelings that go along with them, but I don’t remember all the whys. I’ll see someone’s face and I’ll suddenly feel stressed or sad but for the life of me I can’t remember why. It’s very confusing. And I feel like I’ve forgotten who people expect me to be here or how they expect me to act. I’ve been so many different me’s for the past four months from carefree and single to housekeeper and nanny to European backpacker and traveler, that I don’t remember exactly what kind of Emily I’m supposed to be here. Hopefully by Monday when school starts up I’ll get all this sorted out. Until then I’m enjoying my new place.

Oh and after life settles back into some normalcy, I’ll post something meaningful… soon, I promise!

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