Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unlikely traveling companions

Had the most perfect day ever with my Mama yesterday touring, shopping, riding the train, enjoying the German countryside, exploring little towns and finding amazing bakeries and coffee shops. Today we are parting ways. I'm off to Denmark and she's heading back to America.

Having traveled a lot, I can testify that traveling with people is way better than traveling alone. It's always good to have someone to take pictures with, to talk with on the long train rides, to get lost with you, and someone to eat the other half of that pastry. Mom and I are the most unlikely traveling companions for a few simple reasons...

I sleep. She doesn't. I mean I can sleep pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I usually fall asleep before the plane takes off. She doesn't sleep a lick, never really gets over jet lag, and yet somehow always seems to have enough energy. It never phases her. I don't get it. 

She talks to strangers. I don't. I prefer to keep to myself when traveling. Mom likes to get to know the locals. Usually while I am trying to figure out where to go, she is off asking a stranger, who probably can't speak English anyways! There is an ongoing debate about who figures out the correct information faster.

I get motion sick. She doesn't. Terrible motion sick. Mom loves the turbulence on the flights, enjoys it in fact, while I am doubled over and about to puke. Maybe that's why I sleep.

She eats airplane food. I don't. Yuck! No thank you. I think she ate all her food and mine and I probably made friends with the stewardess too.

Despite all this, she's the best traveling buddy ever. The best. And we've made some pretty great memories - Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, and now Germany :)

Yep, I'm gonna miss her...kind of a lot.

More blogging next week. Have a good weekend everyone!

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