Monday, March 28, 2011

Reasons to be excited

I am super excited about having my own little flat when I go back to South Africa for two main reasons (besides the obvious of space and privacy and not living with my students and not hearing Korean and Portuguese 24/7):

1. My own bathroom. I am sure within about 5 weeks of having my own bathroom I will be whining about needing to clean it, but for now I am really excited about it. It means I won’t have to wear flip flops in the shower or put down paper on the toilet seat every time I pee and that I will be able to leave my toiletries in the bathroom. For the past four years, my shampoo and soap have taken up residence in a super cute shower tote which Mom sends me every year from the states, but I will happily discard said shower tote in favor of long showers with guaranteed hot water and no knocks on the door to tell me my time is up!

2. My own kitchenette. When I’m in South Africa, I eat the same thing every day. This is partially because I am lazy and don’t feel like lugging all my food and utensils to the kitchen on the base to cook a meal just for myself every day and partially because I just don’t have time. Oh, and also because I’m cheap. Either way, my daily menu consists solely of uncooked food:

  • Breakfast: peanut butter toast (of course - see this post)
  • Lunch: tuna (straight from the can), nuts, fruit
  • Dinner: yogurt and cereal

I eat this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Really. Don’t feel sorry for me. I actually like routine and enjoy eating the same thing every day. This just happens to be the simplest and easiest routine. But having my own kitchenette means maybe I can cook some food on the weekends. I hope…or at least that’s the plan. If I resort to tuna again, we’ll all know it’s just because I’m lazy.


Ji said...

Oh Emily :) It's good to hear that you got your own room and own kitchenette! Hallelujah~ I always think that you need your own private space in school. (not in office) I'm very glad to hear that.
However, now, I'm worried about you kitchen a little, because I saw your cooking while our weekend duty time. And I'm sure that Mimi will totally agree with me and she'd be praying for you.
God bless your kitchenette! (a lot..)
Miss you :)

Emily said...

Lol. I can cook! Really! REALLY! Someday I will cook on weekend duty again and it will be delicious! Haha. Miss you too! I hope your family is well. Bless you!

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