Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pizza anyone?

There are three kinds of food that I dream about when I’m in South Africa. 

Top of the list is Christian’s pizza. Have I written about Christians’ pizza yet? It’s Charlottesville’s own gourmet pizza chain, which started on the downtown mall. On Friday nights in the summertime, the line is out the door. If you are a Charlottesvillian or even just a Virginian, and not eating there, you are missing out. I should write about Christians’ pizza…another time.

Two is buffalo wings from Wild Wings Cafe. Weird huh? I know. I can’t explain this one.

Oh and cheesecake! There once was a little coffee shop in a tiny town in South Africa that served the best cheesecake in the world. Yep, in the world. I have witnesses who will vouch for the validity of that statement. It was served in little coffee cups with a yummy graham cracker crust and was pure creamy deliciousness. I ate at that coffee shop twice. Then it closed. The end.

And Chipotle. I still don’t understand why the rest of the world has yet to discover Mexican food. Why do we have Taco Bells on every corner in the USA and you can’t even find a tortilla overseas? Something should be done about this. The world needs to be introduced to bowls of salsa and beans and cheesy goodness. They are missing out.

Recently I discovered Chipotle online ordering. It is the best creation ever. All I have to do is enter all the ingredients for my burrito bowl. Put in my dad’s credit card details. Call my sister to pick it up on the way home from work, and vuala! I have a delicious burrito bowl for dinner - no going out in the cold, no waiting in lines, no unnecessary small talk, no sitting in a dirty loud restaurant. It’s wonderful. You should try it. Seriously.

I guess that’s four kinds of food. I should stop there. I’m getting hungry. Pizza anyone?

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