Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Other One

Since I blogged about Wongja, I thought I should tell you about the other white dog in this household.

After having Wongja around, who is pretty much the best dog ever, we thought “let’s get another dog like this one” kind of like parents with one angelic child who decide to have another that turns out to be a little terror. He is a terror. Literally. I mean I think he may be possessed.

He steals underwear from our rooms when we’re gone and eats them. He's eaten two pair of running pants since I've been home. The other day he couldn’t find any underwear but figured out there were some in the laundry basket. When we came home, we found him trying to chew his way in.

On the day after Christmas, he picked one gift from way under the tree to tear to smithereens. That happened to be the one with my gold earrings in it. I found them in pieces around the living room floor. That was the end of our friendship.

See the cute dog on the left? Yeah, that’s him. 

Now watch the scarf. Yep, he’s gonna eat that. 

We’re pretty sure he’s a dog, at least that’s what his papers say although he kind of thinks he’s a cat. He sleeps on the tops of chairs like this. 

His cuteness is a ploy. Grace seems to have fallen for it.

Free to a good home: fluffy white demon dog.

Just kidding.

Free to ANY home.


Grace said...

I'm taking him with me back to Africa, he's not safe here anymore. You're so mean to him. What happened to forgive and forget, it goes to you're pets too. He has separation anxiety. And honestly it all makes sense, he's my dog. Not that I chew up underwear or any of that but how close he is to those he loves and you don't know it but he honestly loves me to death...and i think i kinda mean that literally. You don't see how he is with me. At night when i come back late he is so cuddly with me and rubs his head all against mine to show he loves me.
Anyways long story short HE'S NOT FOR GIVING AWAY...he belongs right here with me!

Emily said...

no! don't bring him to africa! i don't want to be on the same continent with him!

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