Saturday, February 5, 2011

I smell like diner food

I smell like diner food. It's a rainy and cold Saturday morning here - the perfect kind of morning to spend at a local diner with good country cookin' - the kind that still lingers on your clothes afterwards like an unpleasant reminder of all the grease and fat you just ingested which is by now lodging itself in your arteries. I need to take a shower. I also need to run, but like I said, it's rainy and cold out. I'd much rather stay on my sofa under my comfy blanket and watch this documentary about the Amish. I used to think the simplicity of Amish life was kind of romantic. Farms and horses and buggies and dresses and aprons. I lived in Amish country for a little while. Did I ever tell you that? I lived with some very strict Mennonites. Every morning I watched them comb their hair and don their cap, while I blow dried mine and put on copious amounts of make-up. I don't think I would make a very good Amish person. They almost convinced me to start covering my head, so much so that I called my dad to ask him to remind me why I didn't. But then I was like "Who am I kidding? I like my flat iron! I like my clothes! I like shopping!" Speaking of shopping, I recently made my first and last attempt at internet clothes shopping. I went with two shirts which I thought was a pretty safe choice given that they were the stretchy and comfy kind. I was wrong. They are now in my mom's closet. The great thing about having sisters and mom's is that you can trade clothes when you get tired of them or don't like them or just grow out of them, which I may be doing if I keep eating deliciously amazing food like this salmon and chickpea ragu and angel food cake with blueberry sauce that I'm making for dinner. I think I need to go to the grocery store. But I should take a shower first. I smell like diner food.

Have a happy Saturday everyone and enjoy all the Superbowl madness!

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