Monday, February 28, 2011

Germanisms continued...

After my brother read my blog and called from Paris concerned that I was not enjoying Germany, I have decided to amend my Germanisms post. Please let me be clear.

I like Germany.

I like German people. I have several good friends who are German!

These are only observations. Observations, people!

With that in mind, here is "Germanisms continued"...

Chimney Sweeps. The heat went out in the house the first week we were here and the Chimney Sweep came to help out. How cute is that? I didn’t know Chimney Sweeps existed anywhere outside of Mary Poppins. And although German people don’t smile and greet people on the street, they are very friendly indoors – inside the bakery, in your house, etc. The Chimney Sweep was so concerned about our plight - he was calling people and coming back to check on us. The Chimney Sweep.

Snow. This picture says enough. It’s like living in a winter wonderland. 

Villages. Did I already say this one? I love watching all the people walking between all the little shops running their errands. No need for a car. No grid. The streets kind of wrap around, up and down through the rows of houses and bakeries charming you with the discovery of what is around the next bend. And the houses are so old and quaint, like something from Anne Frank. I sleep on the third floor of this hundred-year-old house and like to imagine that maybe some Jews hid up here during the holocaust like in "The Hiding Place" (a really good book by the way). Who knows? 

McCafe. It is amazing here. I’m not a McDonalds person – don’t know when I last ate a hamburger – but the ones here are pretty great. Soy vanilla lattes? They have them. Need I say more?

Adverts. Speaking of McDonalds. Suddenly all my webpages have switched to German. German google. German youtube. German weather. Even German ads. Like this one. They make me laugh. 

That’s all for now.

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