Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Case for Europe

My brother has a very elaborate plan to get me to move to Germany and evangelize Western Europe. It started with a very intriguing book disguised as a murder mystery but really all about the effects of Islam in the Netherlands. I was shaken but not swayed.

He has now moved on to cold hard facts, like these.

His other tactic is to play on my emotions by having more irresistibly cute kids with faces like these.

And tantalizing me with stories of his weekend travels to castles in snowcapped mountains that look like they stepped straight out of fairytales like this one.

I’m beginning to think making a stopover in Germany is not such a great idea. If I don’t make it back to South Africa, it’s because my brother is lawyer, a professional persuader, and he makes a very convincing closing argument.

Pictures like this one are breaking me down.

*All pictures are from my sister-in-law's blog Gott ist so gut. Check it out!


Sarah Louise said...

I think it's a great idea ;)

Onisoa said...

What is that "if I don't come back to South Africa" idea? :D

Priscila said...

I will go even further than Onisoa - that's not an idea, that's an *affront*! (See, it even deserved a big word!) You get you butt back here, young lady!! XD

Emily said...


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