Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bucket List (USA version)

My American bucket list (to be completed by February 18th):

1. Eat at Wild Wings Café at least twice
2. Go snowtubing
3. Play Settlers until the wee hours of the morning
4. Get a cup of Starbucks on the corner and take a walk on the Lawn with my dog
5. Drink as many Starbucks soy lattes as possible for that matter
6. Paint Mom’s living room
7. Find the perfect pair of jeggings
8. Beat Grace at Just Dance until she gets annoyed and gives up
9. Wander around Washington DC
10. Attend another concert or live music of some sort
11. Bake the perfect cheesecake (well, I already did this, but I want to try another...)
12. Read my old journals
13. Spend an entire day in my pajamas
14. Raise $350 more in monthly support (eek!...)
15. Get snowed-in
16. Re-watch all 6 seasons of the office
17. Clean out my stuff and find my UVA diploma (what happened to it?)
18. See my Grandma come home from the nursing home
19. Stay up all night talking with Gracelet
20. Kiss a stranger on the balcony of the Hotel du Cap - oh wait, that’s someone else’s ;)

It's not very ambitious, I know, but I'm supposed to be on holiday sort-of, right?

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