Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bucket List update

Thought I'd update you on my progress with the USA Bucket list (see this post). Here’s how it’s going so far:

1 through 7. Nada.

I may need to rethink number 8 seeing that Grace has quickly overtaken me as queen of Just Dance. When I lost at my favorite song to a guy with no rhythm, it was the beginning of the end.

On Sunday we met my brother in Washington DC for dinner. He flew over from Germany for a trial at Andrews Airforce Base. We didn’t officially wander around DC as it was FREEZING! Most of the “wandering” we did was restricted to running from the car to the restaurant and back. I’m still thinking of going back, if it warms up a little…

Snowed in. Check.

And while I was snowed in, I baked cheesecake number 2. It’s pretty near perfection.

I have read a lot of my old journals. I love remembering all the drama of being a teenager, college life, love and dreams. More on that later…

I’m about halfway to my goal of $350 in monthly support! (see this post)

I’m on Season 2 of my second run through the Office. PB&J forever.

My grandma’s coming home in two weeks.

I haven’t stayed up all night talking with Grace. Since she now works night shifts at the hospital, that has kind of thrown a wrench in our plans. I’ve tried to find ways around it like bringing her lattes at work late at night, but the last time I ended up getting lost and wandering all over the hospital in my pajamas. I must really love her. The other morning I picked her up bright and early at the hospital and found this sunrise though. Lovely.

Oh and the soy lattes? I’ve made good progress thanks to Starbucks gift cards from Christmas. Mmmm. Lattes :)

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