Wednesday, January 19, 2011

$350 in 30 days

Dear Readers,

It’s just 30 days till I leave the USA. 30 days!!! And I need to raise $350 in monthly support to continue serving in South Africa.

$350 in 30 days

You may not know it, but the title of “missionary” doesn’t come with a salary. My church doesn’t pay me, instead I depend on the support of family and friends who are willing to stand with me financially in this endeavor. 

Right now, my need is for people who I can count on to support me monthly. $350. That’s just 3.5 people giving $100 a month or 7 people giving $50 a month. That sounds doable!

It’s difficult to commit to monthly giving, I know – I’m not a big fan of commitment either! But as I’ve taken a big step in committing to go back to South Africa this year, I’ve seen God honor it in so many ways. And I believe he will do the same with you. So that’s what I’m asking of you. Would you consider committing to support me financially this year?

All you need to do, is print out the card at the bottom of this post, and mail it to:

Grace Abroad 
P.O. Box 276 
Charlottesville, VA 22902 

All checks can be made payable to Grace Abroad. You can also just click on the "donate" button on the side bar and include a note letting me know how much you plan to give each month.

If monthly giving is still not your thing, you can always give toward my annual airfare which is $1600. Or maybe you know a friend or a relative who would be interested in supporting work in South Africa – just pass along my contact details!

For all my supporters, I send an EXCLUSIVE monthly newsletter with pictures and prayer requests and all my latest goings-on. Enticing?

But wait! There’s more…

Just kidding. That’s all. Please pray for me in these next 30 days. And pray for the staff and students at the English Language School back in South Africa. I miss these guys. 

Oh and I’ll be tracking my progress with the fundraising thermometer in the side bar. See, it’s at $0 :(

$350 in 30 days. Let’s do it! 

Lots of love,

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