Monday, November 8, 2010


I am computerless this week. My macbook which was supposed to be indestructible can’t seem to keep up with the life of a missionary and a school leader. He didn’t fare so well after the last trans-atlantic journey and he is in Cape Town getting repaired. It’s only been 3 days that I’ve been without my computer and I’m already going crazy! No TV, no music to drown out the noise in the dormitory, no skype, no way to write down my thoughts (so I apologize in advance for all my posts this week – they have substantially less editing than my usual stuff). The weirdest part is going to the office and sitting down at a computerless desk. I feel far less productive although I now have the opportunity to do all the things I never get round to usually and to nose around in all my staff and teachers’ work. I am sure by the end of the week I’m gonna drive them all crazy!

In the meantime, I’ve been finding lots of other things to do like read books, clean out my drawers, read magazines, clean my shelves…OK, so I’ve only found two things to do - read and clean. Last night I was cleaning out my collection of old receipts. I used to keep a record of every single thing I spent, so looking at these receipts was like looking through a little window into my life two years ago, remembering my life in Kenya and Tanzania, remembering fun trips with friends, remembering when I actually ate McDonalds (what was I thinking?!), remembering some clothing purchases that turned out to be bad mistakes (again, what was I thinking?!), remembering the good old days when Fego coffees were just R5 and the dollar was worth R10 and my money went twice as far as it does now. Now the dollar is about half that and Fego coffee has doubled in price. What happened? I blame Obama...for the expensive coffee too :p

If you think of anything I can entertain myself with other than making lists of all the stuff I need to do as soon as I get my computer back, please, please, please pass it on.

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