Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. I do the exact same thing every Saturday morning (or at least every Saturday morning that I’m in Worcester). I sleep-in late, get dressed, and go to the mall. Every week, I go to the exact same coffee shop, I sit in the exact same place, and after looking at the whole menu, front to back, I always end up ordering the exact same thing. After I eat, I waste away the morning sitting there in my favorite corner of the restaurant, reading a magazine and sipping my coffee. For an introvert who has to spend the entire week extroverting in school and out of school (because I live with my students), those few hours alone with my thoughts and a good cup of coffee on Saturday mornings are the psychological equivalent of sinking down into a really comfy sofa. *sigh*

So how do you spend your Saturday mornings?


Anonymous said...

My saturday mornings?
I wake up as early as usual, if ever I try to sleep later, a small voice next to me just takes me out of those sweet dreams...
after the normal shower-breakfast-get dressed, I clean up what is meant to be our room =] then time to cook something for lunch comes.
after that, I sometimes have few minutes before meetings the kids in the afternoon. they can keep you busy for hours...
I love the relieve I have when it's done! =] lol.
sometimes shopping, sometimes watching a movie before cooking again =]
and the evening comes to an end.

what makes Saturdays special is probably the fact that I don't have to do the other half of my weekdays routine!! =] lol.
but you know, it's a season to be enjoyed, so yeay! ;)

mikthehick said...

haha, I sleep in or ride the horses:)

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