Friday, October 15, 2010

Long distance prayers

Hey, people of the world. So since I posted an answer to prayer last week, this week, I’m posting a prayer request. Please pray for my family:

...for my dad teaching and preaching in Indonesia

...for my sister in the bush bush in Kenya

...for my brother in Germany or London or somewhere in-between while his wife and the girls are stateside for a few weeks

...for my mom who is home alone caring for grandma in the hospital

                                      ...for my grandma who needs open-heart surgery but is too weak for it

Yeah, I know we are crazy spread out which makes communication that much harder but it’s where God’s called us right now. Thank goodness we don’t have to pay long distance fees for prayers…oh and thanks, God, for skype :)

1 comment:

Lighthorse Harry said...

EM: Will be praying and fasting from here on out! Nothing is impossible with Him but I know you know that as well. Lots of love,Carrie

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