Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An answer to prayer

Today my new co-leader handed me a term calendar…for JANUARY!!! If she was a guy, I think I’d be in love. JK :)

When I agreed to stay on for another year here in South Africa, I was really trusting God to bring someone along to co-lead with me. Meet Onisoa (Oh-nee-soo), from Madagascar, who is teaching on the school, and just a few weeks ago agreed to co-lead with me. She is amazing. I think I’ve finally met my match organizationally! She’s full of creative ideas, takes initiative to do new things, is incredibly organized, grounded in integrity and on top of all that is an amazing mother and wife. Yep, God really answered prayers.

In fact, the entire staff in ELS this term are absolutely amazing. They are always one step ahead of me. Often times being in leadership it feels like you are pulling people along, pushing them to work a little harder, reach a little higher. There’s always been one or two who have gotten the vision and spurred me on a little, but this term it’s not just one or two it’s the whole staff! They are coming up with innovative ideas, taking the initiative and running with it. It’s amazing! And they’re keeping me on my toes!

I was really nervous about taking a break in January and leaving the school for a tern, but now I feel fully at peace leaving it with her and the staff. You know how in a relay race, the runner usually has to slow down to hand over the baton to the next runner? Well, that’s kind of how I envisioned this transition being while I’m handing over the leadership to Onisoa for next term, but instead it’s the exact opposite. It feels kind of like handing off the baton while still running full speed ahead! I love it!

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