Thursday, March 4, 2010

The secret to good health...

I don’t have anything weighty to write, just thought I should update you on my work and life. School is going well. The students always keep me on my toes. The other day the guys cleverly removed the bell from the hallway during break so when I when I stepped out of the office to ring it, there was nothing there and no one could go back to class. Very creative, I must say. I think I need to give those creative little minds some MORE HOMEWORK! Just kidding. I love them.

Last week, we took the school to a local old age home for the morning. We had such a great time there! The residents loved having people to visit them in their rooms and the students were so proud of their conversation skills. They got to pray for quite a few of the residents and sing for them. It was such a blessing for us and for the residents – we will definitely go back! I got to meet the oldest resident there who is 99 years old. She still lives in a flat on her own and wears high heels every day! Her mind was absolutely amazing as she told us stories of her life and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren who she somehow manages to keep straight. She was a teacher when she was younger and in those days after 10 years of teaching, teachers got 3 months paid holiday. So her and her friend planned for 10 years to go to Europe and finally did. But in those days they had to go by boat! It took them two weeks to get to London! Wow. And to think, nowadays we can fly across the ocean in 8 hours! It’s amazing how much the world can change in one lifetime. I asked her what the secret to her health was and she said, “Drink lots of water, always get enough sleep, and exercise.” Yes, ma’am.

A few weekends ago, I rented a car and went to Cape Town for the weekend. It was so nice to get away for a couple days. Just being able to drive is the greatest feeling ever, like freedom! On Saturday, I took some Korean students to all my favorite places around Cape Town and a few new ones, like Chapman’s Peak drive – one of the most beautiful roads in the world! Here we are at a rest stop along the way.

On Sunday, I visited the Every Nation church in Stellenbosch. That was such an encouragement to me, I can’t even explain it – felt like home. The worship, the teaching, the congregation – I was so blessed. Afterward, I spent the morning in a quaint little open-air coffee shop, reading, and enjoying the sunshine. With all the driving back and forth to Cape Town, I probably didn't get much sleep that weekend, but I came back absolutely refreshed - and that's got to have added at least few months to my life!

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