Friday, February 12, 2010


Today I threatened to cut up a $100 bill in front of my ELS students to shock them to stop speaking their own languages - because not speaking English is like wasting the money that they’re paying to be here. I think they are a little scared of me now.

Also I graduated 10 TESOL students and future English teachers today. Wow, those four weeks of the TESOL course went by so quick. Today when I was sending the TESOL teachers to the airport, I almost cried. For some reason whenever people go to America, I want to cry – not because I’m gonna miss them but because I just start thinking of all the things they’re going to see and feel and experience back home in the states and I suddenly miss it all.

It is both ridiculously windy and impossibly hot in Worcester now. I know that sounds like an oxymoron because usually wind equals cold in most parts of the world, but not here. The other day I was walking to the mall in 40C (110F) heat and wind. You know that instant when you open the oven to take something out and you get hit with this blast of heat. Well, it feels pretty much like that, again and again and again and again…

Two weekends ago, some friends invited me to Cape Town for the weekend. I got spoilt with a concert and all kinds amazing food - deliciously unnecessary stuff like hors d'oeuvres and finger foods and other delicacies which never seem to make it on a YWAM menu.

You know the thing about my job which gives me the most grey hairs and sleepless nights is people problems. Organizational problems, logistical problems, financial problems, I can handle. There is ALWAYS an answer for those kinds of problems - all it takes is time, reasoning, and a little hard work. And budgets and programs never care how you say things and they will never talk back. People on the other hand…I used to think people problems were the exception in my job. I always imagined that if everything was running right, if we just had the right systems and programs in place, people’s problems would just disappear. But I realize now they don’t ever go away. And the worst part is I am not a counselor. You know that spiritual gifts test you always take in small groups and such? Well, I scored 0 on mercy. I am insufferably practical and am much more inclined to tell people to “quit whining and get over it” than to lend a listening ear and offer some gentle wisdom. So God is giving me plenty of opportunities to learn patience and gentleness and, when necessary, a little tough love which, despite all my practicality, is still inevitably followed with a few tears in private or a very long sigh…I sigh a lot these days.

Tuesday was one of those days… At 4:00, when I went back to my room to drop my bags before going out to run errands for school, I opened my door and found my bed and floor and desk and cosmetics all covered in glass. Turns out a little rock had gone through my window and managed to splinter glass everywhere. Later that night when all my students had gone out for intercession, I put on Rita Springer and was vacuuming and crying and singing all at once. What a mess! And the great mystery is how by noon the next day all my students knew I had been crying. I am sure now these walls must have ears!

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. I got the best package ever from my family in honor of the occasion and I will be celebrating with the latest “In Style” magazine, a package of Sweethearts and some episodes of Friends. It’s gonna be a good weekend…

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