Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sad news

Last week, I learned that one of the girls from Ray of Hope, the children's home where I worked in Kenya for a while, died of malaria complications. You may have heard me talk about her. Her name was Bibi and she was only 16. She was a beautiful, joyful, young woman of God, an ambitious leader and real intercessor. She loved dance and sports, was the top of her class, and was always full of joy. I was with her in Kenya when her brother and her mother both passed away. And I was thinking about how amazing it is that God brought me all the way to a little village in the bush just to be able to share in her life for a little while. What a privilege! When someone dies, people always say, "Oh, but she is in a better place now." And you always kind of find it hard to wrap your mind around that, but when I think of where Bibi came from, the difficult life she lived, and the fact that now she's with Jesus, whom she loved so much, I really do believe she is in a better place. But she will be missed.

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