Friday, January 15, 2010

At last...

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I haven’t updated in forever. I know! Let’s see…where do I begin. Well, first of all, I had the most amazing time ever in America. That started when I surprised my family and arrived in their living room a week before I was expected and a day before Thanksgiving. Mom screamed so loud the neighbors came over to check on her!

My time at home was so much better than I could have even imagined. It was exactly what I needed. There were so many wonderful times with family and friends. I loved every minute of it! The best part by far though was getting to see my brother for the first time in almost 3 years. His work flew him into DC for a week and we got to spend two perfect evenings together as a family. It was really special. Other highlights were lots of Starbucks of course and lots and lots of snow! (Check my facebook for pics). We even had a white Christmas, which was extra special. I think what I enjoyed most though was just the simple familiar things – I loved waking up and going running with mom and fixing us breakfast every morning. I loved cooking dinner for the family. I loved sitting around on the sofas watching TV. I loved wandering around the grocery store (except when Mom thought I was kidnapped and called security to look for me - twice). I loved waking up in a comfy bed and a warm house every morning. I loved walking down the downtown mall to Christian’s pizza. I loved jogging around the University. I loved annoying my sister whenever I wanted to. I loved saying, “Goodnight, Dad” before I went upstairs every night. I loved eating homemade, hot from the oven chocolate chip cookies and sitting around playing games. That’s the stuff I enjoy. I’m pretty simple. That’s what makes me happy.

And now I am back in South Africa. I went from -6C (20F) weather to 47C (116F) weather! I pretty much hit the ground running. Our January term started up on Monday and things are crazier than ever. We have about 43 students (six are still on the way) from Korea, Brazil, Congo, Egypt, Germany, and South Africa. And the TESOL course is starting this coming Monday with 11 students. I was thinking today…out of all those students and all the staff and teachers, I think I’m older than like 3 of them! One of the Korean guys always like fully bows when he sees me though which makes me feel really old! Haha.

Well, it’s Friday and I’m exhausted – time for some Friends and a cup of tea. So that’s all for now. I’ll update again soon. I promise! :)

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