Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Hot Christmas?

I think the Southern Hemisphere should celebrate Christmas in July. You people who live below the equator just don't know what Christmas is. Christmas is meant to be cold. Just look at the colors. Red and green are obviously winter colors. I mean fir trees and candy canes and a fat man dressed in winter boots and a big red suit just do not fit next to bikinis and Hawaiian print sundresses in the window displays. And no matter how much Christmas music you blast over the stereo, it just doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit when you hear “Let it snow” or “Winter Wonderland” or "White Christmas" while you're wearing a tank top and shorts or drinking a glass of lemonade.

I mean Christmas and winter go together like Rudolph and Frosty. Christmas was meant to be spent all cozy inside your house with a fire and a cup of hot cocoa and people you love. When it's cold outside, it's the candles and the Christmas lights and the scent of ginger and cinnamon and fresh cut fir all around that's supposed to warm you up inside. And when you're Christmas shopping out in the bitter cold, it's the familiar tunes of hope and love that warm your heart and put you in the giving spirit.

December 25 is just an arbitrary date that some people picked to celebrate Jesus' birthday anyways, right? So I propose that the people of the Southern Hemisphere change Christmas to July 25. Then all you people can experience this holiday the way it was meant to be - cold. And I'll get to celebrate Christmas all year round, which is fine by me!

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me said...

who's Rudolf and Frosty.....?

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